My Neck Pain Was So Severe I couldn’t Pick Up My Newborn. This One Product Changed All That.

I’ve been a journalist for over 10 years. 

For at least eight of those, I had chronic neck pain. 

I type for eight-hours-plus six days a week, funneling through pitches, drafts, fact-checking, and final edits. I was just 24 years old when my neck started hurting, which I initially brushed off as stress.

But as I wrapped-up my twenties and heading into my thirties, the chronic pain only became worse (and expanded). 

Lone, isolated pain I once felt at the base of my skull expanded to my shoulders and down my arms, causing constant neck-cracking and tension headaches.

The constant throbbing negatively impacted my mood, decision-making, productivity, and my career. I vividly remember typing late into the night one evening, honestly worried I would miss my deadline because I could barely think straight. 

I saw a chiropractor every week like clockwork for nearly three years, until I finally thought to myself: “Am I going to be in this much pain for the rest of my life?”

I did everything right. I stretched; I got massages. I even made my husband install a standing, ergonomic desk so I wouldn’t hunch my shoulders over my keyboard.

By the time my second child was born, I honestly thought I would have to give up working altogether. Not because I couldn’t balance work and family — I’m fortunate to work at home, on my own terms — but the pain in my neck and shoulders was so unbearable I could barely hold my newborn. 

Not holding my kids was a non-negotiable. Luckily, that’s when a friend told me about Signal Relief.

How Signal Relief Erased a Decade of Chronic Pain 

Signal Relief isn’t a pill, steroid cream, or injection. Instead, it’s a palm-sized patch that adheres directly onto your body.

After complaining about my neck and shoulder pain for the majority of our relationship, a friend convinced — well, begged really — me to try it.

With the promise of a 30-day free trial, I ordered three online. When they arrived in the mail, I applied one to each of my shoulder blades, sticking the third just below my skull.

Then I sat to type — all the while thinking to myself, there is no way this is going to work.

I typed four paragraphs before I realized I didn’t feel a thing.

No pain.

No headaches.

No constantly pausing from typing to massage my neck and shoulders.

After keeping painkillers fully stocked in my top desk drawer for the better part of my career, I couldn’t believe it. Just what was this thing??

How Signal Relief Quickly Relieves Pain 

Signal Relief is drug-free, chemical-free, and comes with zero side effects. It uses a brand new technology — nanotechnology — to directly communicate with pain signals in your brain.

Here’s how it works: Your body runs off electrical current. When you get injured, or have chronic pain, your body sends a signal from the point of trauma to your brain.

Therefore, if you can disrupt that electrical signal, so the “pain message” never gets delivered, you can live a pain-free life. A life, I’ll add, that I hadn’t experienced for almost one-third of the time I’d been alive. 

Nanotechnology was originally designed and used by the U.S. military so troops could better communicate. Now, you can use the same technology to communicate with your own body. 

Plus, unlike pain relievers or shots, Signal Relief is nonaddictive and doesn’t require additional treatments. One Signal Relief patch will last for years, allowing you to experience pain-free living.

Over One-Fifth of the U.S. Population Lives With Chronic Pain 

I was one of them.

I lived with chronic pain so long I forgot what it was like to wake up without it. 

Chronic pain is a health hazard, leading to opioid addiction, anxiety and depression, and poor quality of life. Not being able to pick up or play with your kids is no way to live. Not being able to enjoy things you once loved or work in a career you find fulfilling isn’t a life I signed up for.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you live with chronic pain, and spent countless hours and dollars visiting every specialist without any signs of progress, you simply have to try Signal Relief. Signal Relief works within mere seconds, erasing years’ worth of pain.

Try Signal Relief to Live a Pain-Free Life  

I existed in pain for almost 10 years of my life. I could have spared myself thousands of dollars in chiropractor appointments and hours of misery had I found Signal Relief sooner.

Living a pain-free life is possible. Right now, try Signal Relief risk-free for 30-days. If you don’t feel immediate relief from chronic pain, just send it back.

You have nothing to lose — except ridding yourself of years’ worth of chronic pain.

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